About Us

Who we are
Anastasia Karimova
Head of One Platform Foundation. Works as a project manager for Yandex. Previously worked in Quickoffice and DevPocket companies as Android and iOS developer.
Vassili Philippov
Founder of the AppDF project and one of the AppDF Editor developers. Now is CEO at MEL Science, previously worked at Yandex and SPB Software.
Roman Zhilich
OpenIAB and OpenPush contributor. Java/Android developer. Passionate about open source and network freedom.
Roman Savin
OnePFPush contributor. Works as an Android developer for Yandex.
Serg Podtynnyi
OnePF website development. Works at SPB TV as a web developer. Fan of Ruby and robots.
Alexey Karazhey
OPF contributor. Alexey is responsible for Unity, Cordova and Marmalade plugins.
Henrik Lewander
AppDF, OpenIAB and OpenAEP standard contributor and Appland coordinator for all One Platform Foundation initiatives. CTO and co-founder of Appland.
Jesper Sjövall
OpenAEP standard contributor. Works as a backend developer at Appland and is the developer of the Appland implementation of OpenAEP.
Nikolay Ivanov
Author of the Java AppDF parser. Works as an Android developer for Yandex.
Eugene Karev
AppDF Editor developer. Works at Antares Software – an Android software development company.
Alexander Telpis
Author of the PHP AppDF parser and contributor to the AppDF standard. Works as a developer at Opera Mobile Store.
Joe Jamisola
Text writing and editing. Joe works as an online english coach. Was a travel guide and mass media practitioner.
Aleksey Vasilyev
Author of Python AppDF parser. Works as a developer at Yandex and is responsible for the Yandex.Store developer console.
Yevgeniy Kim
AppDF standard contributor. Works at Yandex.Store as an account manager for key app developers.