Get Involved


One Platform Foundation is an open-source initiative to make it easier for Android developers to support all app stores. There are a number of ways to get involved. Even if you have never contributed code to an open-source project before, if you share our passion to make life easier for Android developers, then you are welcome!

For App Developers
  1. First of all, create AppDF files for your apps and publish them to the app stores that support AppDF.
  2. If you have found a bug in the AppDF Editor or have a suggestion for improving the Editor, please report it.
  3. If you know JavaScript and want to help to improve the AppDF Editor, please join the AppDF Editor project.
  4. If your game/app uses in-app purchases you may be interested in joining the OpenIAB project to make it easier to support different stores’ IAB.
For App Stores / Service Providers
  1. Start by subscribing to the AppDF mailing list to keep track of specification updates.
  2. Read the AppDF specification and support AppDF on your app store. Check AppDF parsers that could make implementing AppDF support easier.
  3. Check what is in the roadmap of the next version of the AppDF standard.
  4. Propose updates for the next version of AppDF.
  5. If you have not yet implemented in-app purchases, you can join the OpenIAB project and help with the work on a common OpenIAB API for app stores.