AppDF Editor

Uploading an Android application to several app stores can be time-consuming. AppDF format is designed to simplify the process. You describe your Android application once, create a simple AppDF file that includes a description, APK file(s), screenshots, app icon, promo images, etc., and simply upload this AppDF file to all the stores that support AppDF uploading.

APK File(s)

You can add more APK files for your application


Select if your program is a game

Select the primary category. If you`re not sure, check how this category will be mapped to application stores categories.

For this category you can also select a subcategory (can be empty).If not sure, check how this subcategory will be mapped to application stores categories


Different stores have different maximum title length requirements. The first title should be less than 30 symbols. You can add a longer title for stores that support long titles.

Different stores have different maximum short description length requirements. The first short - description should be less than 80 symbols. You can add a longer short description for stores that support longer ones.

Please provide a full application description, to be shown on the product page. You can include a special subtag <features>. Everything inside the <features> subtag will be shown only by stores that do not support a separate features list. This can be useful to avoid feature list duplication. You can also include the following HTML tags: <ul>, <li>, <a>, <b>, <i>. The app stores that do not support those HTML tags will automatically convert them to plain text. Maximum length: 4,000 symbols.


Add three to five features of your application

Please provide keywords that describe your application.

What is different about the latest version, compared to the previous one. Maximum length: 500 symbols.

Link to the privacy policy document for this application. This is required if your application collects personal data

A full privacy police text for this application. This is required if your application collects personal data.

If you like, you can provide a link to your End User License Agreement (EULA).

If you like, you can provide a link to the full text of your End User License Agreement (EULA).


A 512x512 PNG file with the application icon to be shown in the application list.





At least four 480x800 PNG screenshots are required.

Reset large promo image

A 1024x500 PNG file, usually used by stores on PC websites.

Reset small promo image

A 180x120 PNG file which is usually used in mobile app stores for app features.

You can add video files for your application

Please include only the ID (and not the entire URL). For example, if your YouTube video URL is please enter 4YcBHQ2fCDE


If there is another app which is the full version of your app you can enter its package name here.


Default product price in USD. Price for other currencies will be automatically converted by the stores from USD. If you want manual control you can add local prices.

Customer Support

Customer support phone number. This must be in international format (e.g., +1 (555) 123-45-67).

Customer support email for this application. This must be a valid email address.

Webpage with customer support information. This must be a valid URL.

Content Rating and Descriptors

Minimum age allowance according to the ESRB standard

Cartoon violence
Realistic violence
Bad language
Sexual content
Gambling reference
Type Rating Certificate Mark

If you have an industry-recognized rating certificates for your game or application, please upload a scanned image of your document in PDF format. For a DEJUS certificate, you are also required to upload a certification mark. Please see this example.

Clear date
Clear date

Add unsupported device model names (aka name of the industrial design).

Testing Instructions

Instructions for people in the app stores who will test your application. If use of your application requires an account, please provide testing account information. Maximum length: 4,000 symbols.

Store Specific

You can add custom fields for a particular application store or rewrite any of the application description fields. XML format is described in the AppDF specification.

In-app Products
Add new in-app product
Submit AppDF File to App Stores